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Queerios: A Radical Queer Coloring and Activity Book [03 Jan 2012|10:59am]

This will be the kind of activity book I never got (but always wanted) in my early teens. I'd like to put together a coloring and activity book highlighting people who were groundbreaking to you, personally. Harvey Milk and Oscar Wilde will always have a place carved out for them. This is about exploring people who did more than admit their same-sex attraction to the rest of the world. How about what Leslie Feinberg and Kate Borenstein did for trans visability and challenging gender norms? Or how James baldwin and Audre Lorde made queer people challenge racism within the GLBT community. And, just so we're clear? You don't have to identify as queer/trans to have a hero who does. 
Priority will be given to activities like dot-to-dots, paper dolls, and word searches, but coloring pages with biographies are great as well. The deadline for this is March 1st so I can have it put together by mid-to-late march, and out in the world by April. And of course, if you know someone who is interested, please feel free to pass this on to them, or repost widely.
Please send pdfs of high resolution jpegs to piratesarah@gmail.com
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hello, zineland. long time, no see. [03 Dec 2011|10:56pm]

my fourth (but not final!) contribution to 2011 as far as zines are concerned is here, and it's called nostalgia bombs (or, wild tigers i used to know: number two).

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this zine and several others i made earlier this year are also available on etsy, if you'd prefer.
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Zine mixpacks [25 Nov 2011|05:23pm]


yf 15 3.jpg

A while back I went to a zine fair and stupidly left half the zines at home and had to make some hasty copies onto white paper rather than my usual coloured paper. I'm moving house and dejunking, and I've made some cheap mixpacks of those leftover white paper zines.

Ynfytyn 15, 16, 16.5 & 17 4 zine pack- £1.80 + post
Ynfytyn 15, 16& 16.5 3 zine pack- £1.30+ post
Ynfytyn 15, & 16.5 2 zine pack- £1 + post

Available from my etsy

24hr zine 3

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Grab bags for UK people [18 Nov 2011|08:05pm]


I'm moving house and short on space, so I've got 3 zine grab bags. I would send them to a zine library, but there's about 6kg of zines in total and I don't have the spare cash.

Each bag has around 40 zines, variety of topics and sizes (plenty of perzines).

** UK people only ** Postage £5 **

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Call for Submissions - Once Upon A Distro [26 Oct 2011|07:33pm]

I've been making zines since I was 15 - more than
half of my life. At various points, zines have been a way for me to

connect to communities that I didn't have access to, as well as being an
important place for me to write about the stuff going on in my life. 

I've always written zines. I've always read zines. I've always wanted
to do more. So, now I am. Once Upon a Distro is open for submissions
starting now, and will be open for purchases and things starting in
January of 2012.

What I'm looking for right now are personal zines, particularly those
by women, people of color, and GLBTQ folks. I'm not opposed to spoken
word titles and crafts, but those will not be my priority. 

Please feel free to mail your zine for submission to: 

Sarah Rose

201 W. Evergreen Ave #1012, 

Philadelphia, PA 19118

or email with questions: piratesarah@gmail.com

(Sorry for all the cross posts!)
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my 24 hour zine thing zine! [02 Aug 2011|09:56am]



From mrsnoggle

Bubby Bubby Bubby Bubby Bubby
my 24 hour zine thing zine for 2011!
a mini zine about my brother & his drug use & how it affected me & my family.
it is 40 pages & it took me less than 24 hours to do it :)
[if you are interested in trading please email me!  mrsnoggle@yahoo.com]
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zines & art [17 Jul 2011|04:08pm]


Dimanche Number 9 [21 Jun 2011|09:23pm]

Issue nine of my food-slash-perzine is here! Dimanche number 9!

Dimanche is a lighthearted zine that combines foodwriting and recipes with personal stories about being a mom and having fun adn being awesome. In this issue, you can read about my trips to Egypt and DisneyWorld, cold-season produce, my love of beans, and more.

$2, 1/4 size, 38 pages

Includes a dozen recipes, all of which are vegan or very easily veganized.


Snail mail:
Sabrina Simon
33 Bosworth Lane
Willingboro NJ 08046 USA


**Issue 8 of dimanche is also available for 2 bucks, and it contains a ton of really yummy summertime recipes, like spicy corn and zucchini and tomate et courgettes... seriously good and this is the perfect time of year to try them!
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Seeking submissions for my zine! x-posted a bit [20 Jun 2011|11:31pm]

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Reclusive Obscenities Issue 3 [05 Jun 2011|07:34pm]


Issue #3 of Reclusive Obscenities is now available for trade. I'm doing a little something different with this issue in that I'm not going to be selling it. I would prefer to trade for another zine, but if you don't do a zine of your own, I'll trade for anything you would like, stickers, postcards, stationary, buttons & pins, patches, art, anything hand made... Pretty much anything you would like as long as it's vegan.
Email me for trades or if you have any questions.
In this issue (since the photo above is pretty hard to read)

  • Blackout Poetry
  • Anxiety, Depression & Suicide
  • Speak the VIRUS Podcast
  • grrrlVIRUS and Riot Grrrl
  • I've Been... Lists
  • Censoring Ourselves
  • Personal Interactions in the Zine Community
  • Zine Reviews
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Being Editors #1- Diana Wynne Jones [26 May 2011|02:25pm]


So I've got the first issue of my children's literature zine done. The first issue is devoted to Diana Wynne Jones. There was a lot more I wanted to say on the topic, but it just kept growing and growing, so I cut it short at 60 pages, and I'll probably do another DWJ zine in the winter. (The next issue of this zine is about Oliver Postgate). Thank you to the contributors.

Printed with environmentally friendly purple soy ink on recycled cream paper. 60 pages measuring roughly 15cm/6" square with spot illustrations.
£2.75 + postage

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New zines [19 May 2011|04:22pm]


I've got two new zines out, they're up on my etsy shop along with some risograph prints. (If you don't use etsy or want to trade, that's fine as well, contact me and we can sort it out)

yf 15 1.jpg

Fanzine Ynfytyn 15- Madeleines and Macarons issue

Fanzine Ynfytyn 15- Madeleines and Macarons issue Fanzine Ynfytyn 15- Madeleines and Macarons issue Fanzine Ynfytyn 15- Madeleines and Macarons issue
24-page b/w quarter sized zine on yellow paper, you know the drill.

This time you're in for:

* Pointless board games
* Obstacle courses for hamsters
* Bad french jokes
* Marie Antoinette stylee macaron recipe

yf 15 2.jpg

yf 16 1.jpg

Fanzine Ynfytyn 16
24-page b/w quarter sized zine on purple paper, like always
60p on Etsy, 50p otherwise (that's about 1 USD)

What's in this one:

* My grandparents are like something out of Roald Dahl
* Small Pleasures
* All-time top Syd Barrett songs
* quick and tasty vegetarian recipes
* People I wanted to be when I grew up. (When? If?)

yf 16 2.jpg

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Submissions wanted! [14 May 2011|02:05pm]

Hey feminists and feminist zinesters! You all should contribute to the compilation zine In Other Words is putting together. :D (The flyer below has details.)

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Virgin #2 [21 Apr 2011|07:02pm]

Virgin #2 has been a long time in the making but it’s finally here! This issue is mostly a compilation zine with 6 fantastic virginity-related submissions ranging from sexual abuse and terminal disability to feminism, ‘virginity is a myth’ and asexuality.

1/2 sized, 18 pages

UK: £1.50 including postage
Europe: £2.00/2.25 euros including postage
Rest of World: £2.75/$4.50 including postage

Paypal to: virginzine@gmail.com

Unfortunately I can’t really do trades due to the anonymity of this zine... it was very stressful last time!
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New zine and old reprint [14 Apr 2011|06:07pm]

I finnaly finished my new zine, chronic fatshionista, and I have reprinted Tired eyes #2, If anyone is interested in copies of these zines, please contact me (tired.eyes.diy@gmail.com) and I will give you my paypal adress. Copies are 1,5 dollars/each plus 1,5 dollar shipping.Or trades are also very welcome!
Tired eyes #2 : Perzine, that deals with several topics, feminisme in my family, fear of commitment, art school,...
Chronic fatshionista #1 : This zine will always have just 1 topic, this first one deals with my year of getting diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, CFS and EDS. It shows you what I went through, how I felt about it ... it is not a guide on how to live with these things, just an insight in ONE patients mind.
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ATOMIC SWAN ZINE FEST (FLINT, Michigan) [04 Apr 2011|07:50pm]


Friday, April 8 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm
The Lunch Studio
444 S. Saginaw St.
Flint, MI

The first in what will hopefully become an annual zine fest for Flint, MI. Brought to you in collaboration by Atomic Swan Films and If EZine with Chairperson Chris Reed overseeing the event.

More info at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=183959314966362
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it's still march here, ok. [31 Mar 2011|11:24pm]

and my third zine contribution to 2011 is recinerated #2.

recinerated #2

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this zine and several others i've made this year are also available on etsy, if you'd rather.
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Re-printed zines [15 Mar 2011|12:26pm]


zines num.jpg
I reprinted a load of back issues. To see details of what I've got, go here

You can order them through my etsy shop Etsy shop. If it's the first time you've ordered one of my zines, there's a 10% discount code, enter HELLO in the checkout, or if you prefer, REDCROSS to donate 12% to the Red Cross instead. Shipping is flat-rate for as many zines as you like.

UK people, I'll also swap for a 1st class stamp and an SAE.

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so the oscars are tonight ... [27 Feb 2011|01:21pm]

but more importantly - i made a new zine.

wild tigers i used to know.

details within.Collapse )

copies of suburban gothic #7 and recinerated #1 are also still available. all three can found on etsy, too.
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Rochester Teen Set Outsider magazine [27 Feb 2011|03:34am]

Please check out my zine. I love trades so message me!
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